Recent advances in counseling methods and techniques have made it possible for  
psychotherapy to be more effective than ever before!  You can learn to:

  • Manage overwhelming emotions
  • Express yourself and your feelings safely and effectively
  • Learn about the body/mind connection
  • Heal relationships and/or the past
  • Feel supported and be accepted for who you are
and where you are in life
  • Enjoy life, even through the stressful times

I use a
combination of relaxation and body awareness training, and   
cognitive-behavioral interventions, and neurolinguistic programming  
teaching  people to manage their emotions and anxious reactions.  In
cognitive/behavioral therapy, we  focus on changing the thoughts and the behaviors
associated with your feelings. By changing your thoughts and behaviors you gain
Counselor, bipolar, therapy,anxiety, feeling
You can effect change in your life in as little as 6 weeks, depending on what
issues and problems you bring to counseling.  However, counseling can last from 6
weeks to more than 2 years, depending on the complexity  of your concerns and the
level of dedication you have to making real changes in your life.

I would like to help you achieve the lasting results you want as quickly, easily, and safely
as  possible. Everyone has the potential to experience happiness, peace, and
fulfillment in their lives.  I know what a relief it can be to find a counselor who can relate
to you and understand
you and I look forward to helping you assess your needs and meet your goals
. Many
people feel nervous and uncertain about whether counseling can help them.  
Making that first call can be a difficult thing.  I encourage you to call anyway
and we can discuss any concerns you might have.

Becki A. Hein, MS, NCC, LPC
Counseling & Consulting Associates of North Texas
2750 W. Virginia Pkwy, Suite 104
McKinney, TX 75071     
972-542-8144 to request an appointment with Becki

Call Becki directly at
469-235-3123 if you have any other questions and/or
concerns regarding counseling.      

Offices convenient t
o:  Allen, McKinney, Frisco, Plano, Prosper, Celina,
and the greater Collin County area.

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I assist clients with issues
such as:

Anxiety / Nervousness
Panic Attacks
Feeling Overwhelmed
Depression / Lingering
Stress Management
Dealing With Transitions
Weight loss support
Communication Problems
Guilt / Shame
Anger / Irritation
Better Relationships
Setting Boundaries
Stop worrying...Start living!!